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One-to-one coaching


My coaching will enable you to reconnect with your authentic self, that deep-seated well-spring of clarity, courage, compassion and wisdom that lives within each of us.

Together we will explore what brings you alive, what gives you meaning, purpose and fulfilment, and in a safe, courageous environment, we'll listen as your life speaks.

We will design our coaching relationship so that it which best serves your needs and aspirations, and ensures you achieve more of what you want. Whilst we will focus on specific areas which are important to you, I will coach you as a whole person and bring powerful models, tools and exercises which will help you realise your full potential in all areas of your life.  

Change takes time and I recommend a minimum of six sessions to achieve meaningful results.

I offer blocks of 6 x 1-hour sessions of compassionate, powerful and transformative coaching; connection between sessions by email for sharing your insights, challenges and growth plus shared reading, listening and video resources to support your learning and growth. Coaching sessions take place fortnightly or more frequently at your request.

I really valued the skills Sarah brought to each session; the kindness, empathy as well as real skill in seeking out truths and giving direction.
— Andy Braithwaite, Senior Manager
When Sarah speaks she has a rare gift to touch the hearts and minds of others, inspiring them as she shares her depth of understanding and wisdom. Sarah brings vulnerability, openness, willingness and passion to all her interactions, she is a natural leader and coach to others.”
- Fiona Sturrock, Executive Coach, CTI Faculty, Women’s Leadership Specialist

Connect with me

If you'd like to get in touch about coaching, without obligation, share your name and email address below.  You’ll also be among the first to hear news of group coaching programmes and online personal development courses.

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Who I work well with

I will work well with you if: you are naturally curious about life and your own growth and development; you’re not afraid of self-exploration and ‘inner’ work;  you appreciate humour, metaphor and creative use of language; you’re open to exploring purpose, meaning and fulfillment; you're suspicious of psycho-babble and give quick fixes a wide berth; you are seeking a compassionate and courageous coach who is authentic, honest and challenging in service of your growth; you are ready to grow.

My clients have all experienced one or more of the following as a result of our working together: 

  • Understanding and overcoming fears, doubts, limiting beliefs and other forms of self-sabotage that have held them back
  • Enjoying greater confidence, ease and self-esteem (moving from ‘never enough’ to ‘I am enough’)
  • Finding more fulfilling work and/or relationships
  • Rediscovering their wisdom, courage, compassion, creativity…and more
  • Freeing themselves from perfecting, proving, pleasing and pretending
  • Living a more fulfilling life aligned with their most important values
  • Unleashing their 'inner leader' and making more of an impact with those they lead, love, parent or teach
Sarah brought focus, dedication and calm to our coaching sessions. She is a courageous, secure and experienced coach who will stay by your side throughout the process.
— Caroline Wendt Jönsson, MD/Medical Advisor, Sweden

Count on me

As a professional Co-active® Coach I will hold you to be the expert in your own life. Together, we will design our coaching relationship so that it best serves your needs and supports your learning and growth. 

You can count on me to be authentic, honest, compassionate and challenging. I will also support and champion you, and am ready to explore the shadows as well as the light. 

I am deep listener, committed to hearing your most sacred stories.  I appreciate humour and metaphor and weave these into my coaching to make your learning as rich and impactful as possible. 

Lasting and meaningful change entails ‘inner work’ and I will support you wholeheartedly, with compassion and in confidence throughout.

Sarah brings humour and insight to her coaching and is generous in sharing her knowledge and wisdom.
— Nita Sharma, Leadership Consultant, London

Free Discovery Session

I offer a free, no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Session which enables you to get a feel for what you could achieve through coaching.

We will also answer any questions you might have and help you decide if there is value in coaching for you right now.

During the session we will discuss the coaching process before working together an area on which you wish to be coached giving you the opportunity to experience the unique impact of Co-Active Coaching.

All Discovery Sessions (and any subsequent coaching relationship) are in complete confidence.

This is a telephone or Skype call with no cost and no obligation. You have nothing to lose but the doubts and fears that are preventing you from living a more fulfilling and joyful life.

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